If you’re really a surgery resident surgeon, how do you have so much time to write?
Fair question. Short answer:  I don’t.  I write when I can.  Which is sporadic at best.

Why do you write about your ass so much?
Mostly because it’s so big. But also because I don’t have children or pets. And until I do, I’ll continue to write about my ass. (Though sometimes I’ll also write about my boobs too.) (Oh, and my plants.)

How did you get to be so obnoxious?
I studied really hard.

Are you ALWAYS this obnoxious?
What a silly question! Heavens no! If you read this blog for long enough, you’ll learn that there are two things about which I am very serious. One is my job. The other is cheese. Seriously. Don’t contaminate my sterile field. And don’t you DARE touch my triple creme brie.



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