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Fairly accurate except for one thing…


…and that is that I’ve known more than one pathologist who was more than a bit crazy.

Exhibit A: I once worked with a pathologist, who, while holding an abdominoperineal resection specimen (complete with sigmoid colon, rectum (plus a gigantacular rectal cancer), anus, peri-anal hair, and a few stray hemorrhoids) in his thinly-gloved hands, told me with an absolute straight face that the reason he went into pathology was because he never wanted to perform another digital rectal exam ever again. Now THAT guy wouldn’t know Crazy Ironic if it came up behind him, told him to bend over, and inserted a well-lubed index finger into his anus.

Oh. And one other thing. I’m not mean. I’ve been called lots of things: Loud. Obnoxious. Built like a sista.1 But never mean.2

1. By a brotha, of course.
2. Subject to change should you make the misguided administrative decision to eat the last remaining piece of cheese.



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