Hola!  I’m La Cubana Gringa and I am the product of Cuban parents who, aside from smothering me with love, went to great lengths to embarrass me during my impressionable years. This fostered my authorship of several absurdly wistful adolescent girly journals and the eventual need to seek affirmation through education.

So I did.

I went to med school. And this obnoxious blog (aside from a residency an attending position in general surgery) is what I have to show for it all.


  • I’m often crass.
  • I frequently fragment sentences.
  • And I can be bribed easily with a soft, spreadable cheese.
  • Or wine.
  • (See, I told you I fragment sentences a lot.)

I mainly write about my mad, crazy life and my lovably mad band of rapscallions which include but are not limited to:  my boyfriend fiance husband (The Brit), my mama (Mamacusa), and my sister from another mister (Dochechka).  I write for the same reason I wrote in my journals:  so that I can laugh at myself later.  Only now, there’s no cheap lock with a secret combination on the side.  Which means, Mom, you can totally read this shit. You might need your earmuffs for the dirty words, though. Or, eyemuffs, rather.



The madness featured here is mine and mine alone. It does not, in any way, reflect the madness of my employers, colleagues, patients, nutty family, or my colorful friends. The privacy of my employers, colleagues, patients, nutty family and colorful friends is sacred & deeply respected, so no names. All words Copyright © la cubana gringa, no method, just madness 2006-2010. All comments © their authors. Don't steal; it's not nice. (And my Grandfather knows people.)

worldwide madness!!

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