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That might explain a few of the 8 year old bruises on his body…

Wow.  I really last wrote in August?   Funny how that happens…one night you’re minding your own business, taking out someone’s cancerous colon at 3 AM and next thing you know, a few months have gone by and you wake up with a wedding band on your finger, with skin that’s peeling from head to toe, a piece of salmon strapped to your back, and an African American President Elect (f*ck yeah, by the way!).   

I know that doesn’t exactly make much sense but it will…for I shall write about it.  Before all the fine details of perhaps the best month of my life get replaced with sodium deficit calculations and cancer staging criteria…I promise I’ll be back soon, with details about the wedding…with pics and all, cuz f*ck it, what’s a wedding story without pictures, am I right?   Can I get a witness? 

In the meantime, though, please excuse the fishy smell…and please accept this little funny tidbit from work the other night as a filler until I get my shit together.  I’d be seriously lamenting being back at work if it weren’t just so damn funny sometimes:

The other night, I was treating a man who’d been hit by a car while he was celebrating Obama’s victory out in the streets.  When asked about the details of the incident (ie. the car, the driver, etc.) his response?  “I don’t know, man, musta been a republican!”



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